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Introducing the
Gastro Girl Book Club!

This diverse club will feature, biographies, autobiographies, all fiction, cookbooks, self-care, and any other GI related books that meet our criteria:

  • The Who, What, When, Where or Why must be GI related in some way
  • No books longer than 500 pages
  • Must be available in English

Join the GGBC!

Get notified about the book of the month, live events with authors and Gastro Girl, and receive added bonuses for joining!

June 2021 Book of the Month

This book is written for patients and their doctors by an internationally acclaimed gastroenterologist and patient advocate. It contains up-to-date knowledge on the science, diagnosis, and treatment of all the Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction (formerly called Functional GI Disorders) and offers techniques to maximize the patient-doctor relationship.
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May 2021 Book of the Month

This is a real-life, no-holds-barred account of being diagnosed and living life with celiac disease. This is told through a humorous perspective from an average gluten-free girl who hates to cook and has an obsession with baking chocolate chip cookies to combat stress.
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April 2021 Book of the Month

IBS, which affects almost one in six Americans, is characterized by abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea or constipation. Today more than ever before, physicians are able to diagnose this complex disorder, understand and explain its origins, and develop a treatment plan that effectively meets the individual needs of a patient.
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