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Don’t Fear Fruits on the Low FODMAP Diet

The Low FODMAP diet is a multiple phase elimination diet that has been shown to help improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The strict phase of the diet calls for a restriction of certain types of fermentable carbohydrates including…

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How to Enjoy a Low FODMAP Cocktail Party

You may have mastered grocery shopping, but are you still freaked out when it comes to attending a cocktail party? I want you to enjoy yourself, and even have a cocktail, so I am going to share my top tips…

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How to Grocery Shop for Low FODMAP Foods

If you are anything like me, you absolutely LOVE grocery shopping, reading nutrition labels, and especially finding new delicious products at the store! Do we not have this in common? The good news is that if you are not up…

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What are FODMAPS?

The acronym FODMAP stands for fermentable oligo- di- mono- saccharides and polyols – quite a mouthful. I like to describe them as short-chain carbohydrates. The foods that fall into this category can be poorly absorbed in the small intestine and…

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