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Contraception & IBD

Are you wondering what contraception has to do with IBD? Do you know what you should consider when selecting your form of contraception? Join our conversation today with host Jacqueline Gaulin, founder of Gastro Girl, and her guests Dr. Sara Horst and her patient Kathleen, and learn about the importance of considering your IBD when choosing contraception methods. This is a special podcast presentation presented by Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

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Exercise & IBD

Can people with IBD exercise safely? We have a doctor who says yes! It just may look a little different than the average exercise routine. Join our host, Jacqueline Gaulin and her guests Dr. Sara Horst and her patient Kathleen…

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Periods & IBD

Which comes first the IBD or the Period? In this episode, our host Jacqueline Gaulin discusses the connection between period cramps and IBD symptoms with guests Dr. Dawn Beaulieu and her patient Marley. Learn how one patient manages the complexity…

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Sex & IBD

If you have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), you may be embarrassed or intimidated when discussing topics like sex with your gastroenterologist. Tune into our conversation with Dr. Sara Horst and her patient Kathleen as they dispel the idea that you…

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Emotions & IBD

Having IBD can really impact our personal lives. Our host, Jacqueline Gaulin, founder of Gastro Girl, discusses the emotional impact of IBD with Dr. Dawn Borromeo Beaulieu and her two patients, Gwen and Marley. This is a special podcast presented by Ferring…

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Menopause & IBD

Some women glide through menopause, while others struggle. In this episode, Jacqueline Gaulin hosts a conversation between Dr. Dawn Beaulieu and two of her patients menopausal patients. This special podcast is presented by Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

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