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Gastro Girl Teams with Nestlé Health Science to Educate Physicians, Patients on Low FODMAP Diet and GI Nutrition

Gastro Girl News Team

ACG 2016 Attendees Invited to “Ask a Registered Dietitian” at the Gastro Girl Booth #1208,

The Venetian, Las Vegas October 16-18

 ask rdGastro Girl LLC today announced that Nestlé Health Science has joined other leading organizations in supporting Gastro Girl’s mission to empower GI patients between doctor visits with online access to evidence-based information and dietary and nutritional expertise and coaching.  Through Gastro Girl’s network of registered dietitians, Nestlé Health Science is sponsoring an “Ask a Registered Dietitian” educational initiative, which kicks-off at the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) Annual Scientific Meeting at The Venetian Las Vegas, NV, October 16 – 19.

The ACG Annual Scientific Meeting is the premier GI clinical event of the year, which features the latest clinical information on key topics for the GI physicians, new research that provides a wealth of patient-related clinical data and experiences and industry exhibitions featuring the latest advances in gastrointestinal technology and therapeutics




ACG 2016 attendees are invited to visit the Gastro Girl Booth (#1208) to ask featured Gastro Girl Dietitian Danielle Capalino, MSPH, RD, their questions related to the low FODMAP diet and GI nutrition. Danielle will provide educational insight on the efficacy of the low FODMAP diet for patients with GI symptoms and conditions, like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  ask rd 2

Patients can also participate in the “Ask a Registered Dietitian” program online via the Gastro Girl community, where Danielle and other featured Gastro Girl dietitians will answer questions related to the low FODMAP diet and GI nutrition. Registration is free.

What are FODMAPs?

FODMAPs is an acronym for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides And Polyols, which classifies specific types of short-chain carbohydrates that can be poorly absorbed in the small intestine, resulting in severe abdominal pain, bloating, constipation and/or diarrhea and excess gas in some people.  Research shows that a diet low in FODMAPs can significantly reduce symptoms of digestive discomfort for some people living with digestive sensitivities. The efficacy of the low FODMAP diet is supported by more than 30 clinical studies.1,2

 Nestlé Health Science recently introduced ProNourish™ drinks (, the first nationally distributed product of its kind designed and marketed specifically to be low in FODMAPs for people with digestive sensitivities. ProNourish™ nutritional drinks help make following a low FODMAP diet easier, whether at home or on-the-go.  The company also launched, a unique comprehensive online resource offering information and printable guides about FODMAPs and a Low FODMAP Diet. The website has been developed to support both the consumer seeking more information about a Low FODMAP Diet and the healthcare professional looking to build knowledge and practice tools.

“Gastro Girl is honored to partner with Nestlé Health Science in educating physicians and their patients on the role of diet and nutrition in gastrointestinal health, the connection between food and GI symptoms and how the low FODMAP diet may help alleviate GI symptoms,” said Jacqueline Gaulin, Founder and CEO, Gastro Girl. “The ‘Ask a Registered Dietitian’ initiative helps bring the necessary visibility and access to Gastro Girl’s stellar network of leading GI dietitians as well as the important role these dietitians play as part of the GI care team.”


About Gastro Girl:

Gastro Girl is the leading go-to resource for patients with gastrointestinal health symptoms and conditions. The platform supports patients between office visits with access to dietitians, psychologists with specialized GI nutrition expertise, health coaches, an online community led by digestive health experts, tools and resources. The platform offers providers a comprehensive cloud telehealth suite that includes secure video, end-to-end practice management tools like scheduling, document sharing and billing, and other capabilities and workflow solutions designed for virtual patient engagement. Learn more at Follow on Twitter @gastrogirl.

About Nestlé Health Science
Nestlé Health Science, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nestlé, is a health-science company engaged in advancing the role of nutrition therapy to change the course of health for consumers, patients and its partners in healthcare. Nestlé Health Science’s portfolio of nutrition solutions, diagnostics, devices and drugs targets a number of health areas, such as inborn errors of metabolism, pediatric and acute care, obesity care, healthy aging, and gastrointestinal and brain health. Through investing in innovation and leveraging leading edge science, Nestlé Health Science brings forward innovative nutritional therapies with clinical, health economic value and quality of life benefits. Nestlé Health Science employs around 3,000 people worldwide and is headquartered in Epalinges (near Lausanne), Switzerland. For more information, please visit

  1. Mansueto P, Seidita A, D’Alcamo A, Carroccio A. Role of FODMAPS in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Nutrition in Clinical Practice. 2015;30:665-82.
    2. Halmos EP, Power VA, Shepherd SJ, Gibson PR, Muir JG. A Diet Low in FODMAPs Reduces Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Gastroenterology. 2014;146:67-75.

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