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We’re in this together!

You are not alone! Did you know that 70 million individuals in the United States are living with chronic digestive health symptoms, disorders, or diseases?

Gastro Girl was created so that people like you don’t have to embark on your journey to better health alone.

Join Gastro Girl so that you can become a more empowered partner in your healthcare.  As a Gastro Girl member, you’ll have access to  a variety of resources, including the Digestive Health Insights Newsletter, as well as GI OnDEMAND’s safe and secure online patient education community, that Gastro Girl developed in collaboration with the American College of Gastroenterology.  Here you can learn about what others are going through, share your own questions and concerns (if you’d like) and gain access to evidence-based information, insights and guidance from GI health experts including gastroenterologists, dietitians and behavioral health specialists. and of course, your fellow patients.

Best, of all…. it’s FREE to join! Just fill out the form below!

Why Join the Gastro Girl Community?

Find Gastroenterologists, Dietitians, Psychologists

Access Evidence-based Information

Tips from GI Health Experts

Patient Support Community

Resources at Your Fingertips

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