Is Your Gut Making You Drunk? Learn All About Auto-Brewery Syndrome

Imagine that you’re driving back home after a big meal. You didn’t have any alcoholic beverages at all that day, but you’re pulled over for suspected drunk driving. If that scenario freaks you out, this episode may help you better understand a rare, but terrifying condition called auto-brewery syndrome where the body converts food into alcohol.

This condition has had devastating impacts on people’s lives, causing some to lose jobs or be charged with driving while under the influence. Joining us to share her expertise is Barbara Cordell, President of Auto-Brewery Syndrome Information and Research, and author of the book, My Gut Makes Alcohol!: The Science and Stories of Auto-Brewery Syndrome,. Barbara gives us insights into some of the experiences of patients she’s worked with, who have struggled with auto-brewery syndrome, including her husband. She also explains what patients and providers can do to properly diagnose and treat this rare condition.

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