Ask a Registered Dietitian: Suggestions for Easy Low FODMAP Dinners?

We have covered a lot of the basics and hopefully answered many of your questions about the low-FODMAP diet. But one question that people always seem to have is, “OK, I get it… but what’s for dinner?” So today I am going to give you some simple and easy to prepare low-FODMAP dinner ideas. If you have any questions, comments, or want to share some of your favorite dinner ideas please jump in and ask in the Gastro Girl community.

Feeling fishy?

A favorite dinner option for me is a filet of fish with vegetables and a grain. Let me elaborate a bit further – but still leave you with some flexibility.

  • Miso Glazed Salmon with a side of brown rice and string beans sautéed in olive oil.
  • Sesame Crusted Tuna with Roasted Potatoes and a few slices of cooked beets.
  • White fish simply prepared with olive oil, lemon with an arugula salad and quinoa.

There is a lot of flexibility and when you break it down to think of one protein (fish, in this case), one vegetable, and one starch – it makes it a manageable approach. You can even batch cook the side dishes in advance so that all you have to do for dinner is cook the fish which is incredibly quick and easy!

Craving poultry?

Another simple concept that you can enjoy, and prepare in advance is grilled chicken. You can cook a batch of chicken breasts with seasoning ahead of time, you can buy pre-cooked chicken breasts, or purchase a cooked Rotisserie chicken – lots of options. One thing to check if you are purchasing the chicken already cooked is if it is made with garlic or onions.

Once you have the main protein staple of your meal you have flexibility once again:

  • Chicken with roasted sweet potatoes and a romaine salad with parmesan cheese. 
  • Stir fry with grilled chicken, brown rice, peppers, zucchini, string beans, sesame oil.
  • Chicken salad on a big bed of lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and feta cheese.

Again, there are endless possibilities but I wanted to give a variety of examples so that you can choose what speaks to you. Of course you can modify as needed – and you can add in other ingredients if you are no longer on the elimination phase of the diet and have determined what your dietary triggers are.

Looking for Vegetarian Options?

You don’t have to eat meat to follow the low-FODMAP diet so here let’s talk about some vegetarian dinner options.

  • Firm Tofu slices grilled with peanut sauce over brown rice and sautéed greens.
  • Gluten free pasta with sautéed spinach, garlic infused oil. 
  • Frittata made with peppers, squash, spinach.

There are so many wonderful low-FODMAP dinner options – I want to make sure that whether you are on the elimination diet, or you have figured out what is working for you that you don’t feel deprived. There is no reason to feel like there is nothing to eat when you are on this diet plan. Again, feel free to reach out with your own favorite dinner ideas, or any other comments or questions on the Gastro Girl community.

Danielle Flug Capalino MSPH, RD
Registered Dietitian
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