New 4-Part EoE Webinar Series Highlights Patient Journey From Symptoms to Diagnosis to Treatment and Beyond

Part 1: Undiagnosed and Suffering in Silence

“Undiagnosed and Suffering in Silence,” features Claire Beveridge, MD, who discusses such topics as:

  • What are EoE Symptoms (in adults/children)
  • How to find a provider
  • How to talk to your doctor
  • Prep for your appointment
  • What to Expect at your visit
  • How is EoE Diagnosed-?
  • Tests? (What is an endoscopy and why would I have one)
  • My doctor scheduled me (my child or loved one) for endoscopy—what to expect/how to prep

Part 2: Just Diagnosed

“Just Diagnosed” is designed to inform you on what the next steps are after recently being diagnosed with EoE. In this episode, Dr. Beveridge discusses such topics as:

  • How EoE is treated
  • Whether or not it can be cured
  • Long-term management—eating out, travel, school, etc.
  • How to talk to friends and family about the condition
  • What parents/caregivers need to know
  • Additional tests after diagnosis
  • What you should know about multidisciplinary care

Part 3: Diagnosed With EoE But Not Under A Doctor’s Care

“Diagnosed With EoE But Not Under A Doctor’s Care” is designed to inform you on ways to get back on track with treating your EoE diagnosis and what conversations you may have with your healthcare provider. This webinar features two Gastroenterologists, Dr. Scott Gabbard and Dr. Sophia Patel of The Cleveland Clinic who share their expertise on getting patients back on the right path toward optimizing their digestive health. In this episode, Dr. Gabbard and Dr. Patel discusses such topics as:

  • Why do patients stop treatment or stop seeing a healthcare provider?
  • The importance of medical care and guidance
  • Similarities and differences between EoE diagnoses in adults and children
  • Treatment options – what’s new?
  • What patients can do to get back on track
  • How to find a new provider
  • How to engage a multidisciplinary care team
  • Patient success stories

Part 4: Living and Thriving

“Living and Thriving” contains success stories of EoE patients from the doctor’s perspective, so you can understand what remission and/or success could mean for you. This episode covers the following topics:

  • Examples of patient success
  • The power of multidisciplinary care
  • Achieving remission
  • How to maintain remission

*This patient education program is brought to you with support from Sanofi Regeneron
and features leading Gastroenterologists and EoE experts from the Cleveland Clinic

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