Colorectal Cancer: Are You at Risk? What You Need to Know About Symptoms, Prevention & Screening Options

Dr. Neilanjan Nandi discusses colorectal cancer (CRC) and why the latest ACG CRC screening guidelines recommend colorectal cancer screening begin at age 45 for average-risk individuals. He explains what we need to know about CRC symptoms, prevention, the importance of knowing your family history and how early cancerous polyp detection can save your life. He also provides insight on screening options, why colonoscopy is the “gold-standard” for CRC prevention and gives us colonoscopy prep tips.

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Dr. Neilanjan Nandi

Academic Gastroenterologist Specializing in Immunologic Digestive Illness

Neilanjan Nandi, MD is an academic gastroenterologist specializing in immunologic digestive illness, specifically Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) which includes Crohn’s & Ulcerative Colitis. Passionate about enhancing patient education, Dr. Nandi hopes to provide clarity & practicality in a digital world plagued by intentional or inadvertent miseducation.

Dr. Nandi is a host of ‘GI Insights: IBD Cross Talk’ podcast on ReachMD and regularly LIVE streams content on a variety of IBD subjects.

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