What IBD Patients Need To Know About Resilience-Based Self-Management Training

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) comes with many psychological and behavioral health hurdles that patients have to navigate on a day to day basis. But living with IBD doesn't mean you can't thrive and that's exactly what our guests, Dr. Laurie Keefer and Dr. Marla Dubinsky, co-founders of Trellus Health, are encouraging patients to recognize. In this episode Dr. Keefer and Dr. Dubinsky share their insights and expertise on the psychological impact of living with IBD, and how that informed their approach to starting Trellus Health, which offers a unique program for patients so they can build the resilience and IBD management skills they need to improve health outcomes in a positive way.

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Featured Guests in this Episode

Laurie Keefer, MD

Co-Founder of Trellus Health

Marla Dubinsky, MD

Co-Founder of Trellus Health

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