How Can I Stay True to My Culture While Following a Gut-Friendly Diet?

Avoiding certain foods that trigger GI symptoms is a common way to manage a variety of conditions like IBS, IBD, and EoE. Obese patients and those with fatty liver disease who need to follow a specific regimen like the Mediterranean Diet also need to avoid certain foods. Yes, eliminating foods is challenging for all patients. But trying to stay true to cultural or religious beliefs while following a gut-friendly diet can be even harder. We’ve invited back one of our favorite registered dietitians, Neha Shah, who understands how important food is to culture, religion and social gatherings. With first-hand experience as a vegetarian and GI nutrition expert, Neha explains the ways patients can work with their providers on adapting gut-friendly diets that are aligned with their cultural or religious beliefs. Neha’s positive and open approach aims to help patients realize that following a gut-friendly diet doesn’t mean they can’t stay true to their culture.

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Neha Shah

Registered Dietitian

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