How the Science Behind the Brain-Gut Connection Advanced IBS Care

This episode features Dr. Douglas Drossman, whose pioneering research on the brain-gut connection in GI disorders revolutionized gastroenterology. Dr. Drossman not only explains his multidisciplinary and biopsychosocial approach to healthcare but takes us on an historical journey through centuries of human stereotypes that have influenced modern medicine. He also explains how The Rome Foundation defined the science behind disorders of the gut-brain interaction to advance how IBS is treated.

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Featured Guests in this Episode

Dr. Douglas Drossman

Researcher & Author

Dr. Drossman has written over 500 articles and book chapters, has published two books, a GI Procedure Manual, a textbook of Functional GI disorders (Rome I, II, III), and serves on six editorial and advisory boards in gastroenterology, psychosomatic medicine, behavioral medicine, and patient health. He served 5 years as Associate Editor of the journal Gastroenterology and was the Gastroenterology Section Editor of the Merck Manual for 17 years.

Dr. Drossman’s research relates to the clinical, epidemiological, psychosocial and treatment aspects of gastrointestinal disorders. He has developed and validated several assessment measures (e.g., illness severity and quality of life questionnaires for IBD and IBS, and an abuse severity scale) for clinical research, is involved in psychosocial outcomes research, and has also studied brain imaging in IBS and abuse. His educational and clinical interests relate to the psychosocial and behavioral aspects of patient care.

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